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It’s Time for a New Scandinavian Couch

Inspired by Nordic touches, this trend has risen to popularity across Australia. Blending 20th-century style with warmth and a sense of minimalism, designs are the ultimate way to incorporate timelessness and functionality into your space. Originating in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, this iconic trend features a number of notable characteristics. Enjoy its nod to rustic design, as well as the industrial look and feel that the mid-century was known for. Best of all, our new Scandinavian couches are perfect for offices and homes alike – all throughout Sydney, Melbourne and wider Australia.

Is a Scandinavian style couch right for you?

At Nordik Living, we’ve worked hard to curate some of the finest options on the market, boasting the best elements of this rising trend. Over the last few years, these designs have only further blossomed, giving us plenty of picks to choose from for our long list of happy customers. If you’re not sure whether to buy a Scandinavian couch for your Melbourne or Sydney space, here are a few of our favourite features of this look:

  • Timelessness: Enjoy a look that won’t go out of fashion
  • Functionality: These designs are crafted with convenience and versatility in mind
  • Natural: Their earthy looks, blending with tones of grey, give you a ‘back to Earth’ vibe
  • Clean lines: For the interior designer, these concepts are crafted specifically provide clean, simple lines and edges. Enjoy a non-cluttered look that shows off the balance in your space.
  • Colour palette: Enjoy subtle tones of tan or huge pops of black, bright whites and yellows. And then there are the deep hues of monochromatic and greys that we’ve come to love.

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