About Nordik

The understated elegance and beauty exhibited in Nordik furniture has become one of the most sought after aesthetics in modern design today.

Nordik itself was founded upon the ideal of offering you the raw beauty of Nordic and Scandinavian design; characterised by groundbreaking authentic organic and natural simplicity, minimalism and functionality.

With the peace of mind provided by a local Australian company, together with our shared passion for Nordic and Scandinavian design, choosing Nordik ensures you are in the hands of dedicated staff that possess extensive knowledge in design, logistics, eCommerce and the retail industry.

We have found the beauty of Nordic and Scandinavian design has been an affluence that has gone unnoticed due to overwhelming price and lack of accessibility. It is therefore with pleasure we are able to share the northern world’s finest pieces, making our brand affordable and accessible to all Nordic and Scandinavian design lovers.