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Console tables are the first thing your guest looks at while entering from the hallway. They can change an ordinary and boring space into a sophisticated experience for you and every single one of your guests.

That's why our job is to help you find the perfect one for your particular needs. To do this, you must consider several aspects, such as the quality of the materials, the price, how it fits with the rest of your furniture, etcetera. However, we also know that sometimes, it can be tough to know where to start your search. Let us give you a hand with that.

These are the top five things you need to keep in mind when choosing a console table:


The Materials

Make sure you're spending your money on high-quality merchandise. We're looking to buy furniture that lasts for years until you need to change it. We want to assure you that your console table keeps being as good as new no matter how much time passes.

Please pay attention to the details; not every type of material is ideal for this purpose. Our personal favorites are solid American oak since it gives us the high-quality end we're looking for, as well as keeping every finished piece as a unique artwork. Here are a few of our top recommendations for Solid American Oak console tables


Mixtures of concrete, iron, and steel are also our specialties. They give us the adaptability to fit into every corner of your house and create clean visuals that manage to provide more personality to otherwise empty spaces.


The Placement

Where you place your console table can change everything in what you're going to need from it. If you're looking for an outside table, the best option is one that can go through climate changes without losing any of its original characteristics. A good choice for this is one of our fiber-reinforced concrete console tables. They give an elegant touch to your yard while being suitable for harsher environments and the passing of time.

Meanwhile, if you're interested in giving a modern touch to your bedroom or living room, a mixture of steel and wood is the best for you. Tables like our George Console maintain a minimalist and high-end style for your house while being perfect for exhibiting more colorful accessories you might want to highlight in your room.


The Size

Balance is vital, especially in decor. Consider that when making every piece come together, size is a crucial aspect to keep in mind. One good tip for this is noticing every other element in the room and deciding which one you want to put your focus on. Then part from there.

Make your console table blend in perfectly with the ambient you are creating for yourself, don't be afraid to experiment with sizes, especially if you find yourself with large empty spots. You can make those lonely corners into lovely details of your house. Here are a a few console tables that can fit into your cosy hallway.


The Price

Make sure you know what you are paying. High prices don't always mean good quality, but you need to invest some more if you want quality. That's why good practice is background-checking the company from whom you're buying.

Where do they get their materials? How can they ensure my furniture is as good as it says on the website? Do they offer warranties? Do they have testimonials of people that verify what they are saying?

All of these questions help us to measure whether the price we're paying is an adequate one for our console table or not.


The Functionality

Aesthetics are a significant part of buying furniture, but they are not the whole picture. You need to make sure it works for what you intend it to do.

Maybe you want to display your favorite pictures and create a beautiful focal point in your house. An excellent option for this is our Macy Console, an iron masterpiece that redefines any space you place it in.

Perhaps you need a sturdy and reliable console to sit for a few hours and do your unfinished work. If that's the case, you need our Spectre Study Desk; besides being a neutral piece that fits any place, it also features two cable holes for better accessibility.

In the end, your choice depends on your necessities. Keep that in mind at the moment to decide, and don't hesitate to ask for help if you need it.


Extra Feng Shui Tip

The entryway of your home is one of the most essential and ignored spaces of the houses. It is ideal for a beautiful console table where you can put your keys, wallet, and everything you don't need any more inside your home.

Improve your experience of arriving home by creating comfort and welcomeness from the moment you step inside, allow yourself to forget about the outside world, and give in to the warmth of your house.

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