About us

Simple yet elegant, minimal yet timeless, functional and beautiful, affordable yet exceptional:

Welcome to Nordik Living.

Perfectly encapsulating the influential and coveted aesthetic of Nordic and Scandinavian design, our exclusively curated collection successfully brings together authentic, simple and raw beauty with functional pieces designed to last forever.

At Nordik Living, our passion is bringing the best of the northern hemisphere's most beautiful designs to a high quality, affordable Australian brand. Our authentic, tranquil designs, meticulously curated and sourced from Europe and Asia, seamlessly enhance any domestic or commercial setting.

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At Nordik Living, every piece of carefully designed and crafted furniture exhibits an organic, contemporary feel, with an extra element of true European sophistication. Each unmistakably Nordic and Scandinavian-inspired creation is conceived by the Nordik Living design team in Melbourne and Denmark, uniting the origins and the stimulus with our proud Australian home.

Scandinavian principles

Together, we work to develop truly beautiful and unique designs that stay true to the Nordic/Scandinavian principles of simplicity, clean lines and an optimal level of functionality. 

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When it comes to furnishing beautiful homes with the best of Nordic and Scandinavian raw beauty, the team at Nordik Living always has one thing in mind:

Pieces are made to last- not to be replaced.

We pride ourselves in offering stunning and affordable pieces that are designed for you to love forever. Every innovative and unique Nordik Living piece has passed through a meticulous process of:

* Compassionate craftsmanship
* Exceptional quality control, and
* Hand- picked selection

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Ethically sourced

At Nordik Living, we don't just care about making your home and your lifestyle more beautiful - we believe that ethical principles should run deeply through our brand and our business practices.

Made in Vietnam

Every stunning piece of Nordic/Scandinavian-inspired furniture and homeware is ethically manufactured at several production facilities in Vietnam, where more than 500 skilled employees are responsible for every stage of production.

From planning and production through to product labelling and shipping, it is the facility in Vietnam that brings Nordik Living's beautiful Scandinavian designs to life with furniture that is both affordable and of exquisite quality.

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Our Team

At Nordik Living, our love and appreciation of Scandinavian design drives the commitment and dedication demonstrated across all aspects of our operations. Our friendly and honest team of knowledgeable staff share their passion for Nordic design through vast industry experience in design, logistics, eCommerce, warehousing and the retail industry.

Our staff

Our staff are the foundation of Nordik Living. Every employee - representing a plethora of cultures within the company from Australia to Europe, Vietnam and beyond - shares and nurtures a personal and passionate interest in stunning furniture and homeware design, as well as tailored customer service.

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Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, our showroom is closed until further notice. There may be a slight delay with delivery for all orders.
We sincerely apologise and thank you for your patience.
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