At Nordik Living, every piece of carefully designed and crafted furniture exhibits an organic, contemporary feel, with an extra element of true European sophistication. Each unmistakably Nordic and Scandinavian-inspired creation is conceived by the Nordik Living design team in Melbourne and Denmark, uniting the origins and the stimulus with our proud Australian home.

Scandinavian principles

Together, we work to develop truly beautiful and unique designs that stay true to the Nordic/Scandinavian principles of simplicity, clean lines and an optimal level of functionality. We also incorporate new global trends and design in our selection of coloured fabrics and wood in pieces that are intended to be loved both today and forever in the unmistakable raw beauty of Nordic and Scandinavian culture.

Nordik Living believes every piece should reflect simplicity that is anchored in the relationship between harmony and nature, and celebrate the Scandinavian culture of improving one's home and life with a beautiful living environment. This is centered around the Danish concept of “Hygge”, which encomposses the feeling of cozziness and well-being contentment.

Scandinavian winters are long and harsh, and so living in the northern regions of Europe means staying indoors for long periods of time in comfortable atmospheres, surrounded by all things cozy, which explains why our Scandinvavian furniture and accessories are built the way they are - to last and not to be replaced.

Inspired by nature

Nordik Living believes in designs that are inspired by nature, climate, and the improvement of everyday life, featuring organic materials in pieces that are created to last - both in your home and your imagination. It's why we also source homewares and accessories that share the same design principles of beauty, simplicity and European sophistication.

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