Our Team

At Nordik Living, our love and appreciation of Scandinavian design drives the commitment and dedication demonstrated across all aspects of our operations. Our friendly and honest team of knowledgeable staff share their passion for Nordic design through vast industry experience in design, logistics, eCommerce, warehousing and the retail industry.

Our staff

Our staff are the foundation of Nordik Living. Every employee - representing a plethora of cultures within the company from Australia to Europe, Vietnam and beyond - shares and nurtures a personal and passionate interest in stunning furniture and homeware design, as well as tailored customer service. 

Our company

The Nordik Living team is based in Melbourne, Australia, with a showroom in Collingwood and a logistics/ distribution warehouse based in Deerrimut. We also manage and operate our own warehouse and use ethical production facilities in Vietnam.

Only with a skilled, dedicated and supportive team behind all operations can Nordik Living work so closely and fruitfully with industry colleagues including architects, designers, stylists, decorators, builders and developers. We have the experience, staff, passion, resources and facilities to drop-ship directly to clients with furniture assembly to ensure a seamless experience.

Nordik Living - for you

Nordik Living is about more than stunning, authentic and affordable Scandinavian/Nordic furniture and homeware. It's also about the passion, expertise and integrity of our people, who are dedicated to serving the needs of beauty-loving home makers all over Australia just like you.

For more information, feel free to call us on 1800 NORDIK (1800 667 345) or fill out our enquiry form and we will get back to you with all the information that you require.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, our showroom is closed until further notice. There may be a slight delay with delivery for all orders.
We sincerely apologise and thank you for your patience.
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