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Getting out of bed on a winter morning can seem almost impossible, especially when you have to get up and hurl yourself out to work. While you can dress warmly and layer up, nothing compares to staying rugged up and cozy at home. Unfortunately, that’s not a good enough reason to quit your job - and you need an income to keep the heater going.

So, since staying home isn’t an option, what can you do to make your interior feel warm and vibrant when you arrive back from work? Top off that long commute in the dark winter evenings by spicing up your space to evoke an inviting, warm touch when you need it most. 

Here are our top tips for furniture that does away with the winter chills.

Armchairs in toasty or vibrant colours

Even though it’s dark and dreary outside, your interior doesn’t have to be the same way. When you choose to include tones of green in your home, you inspire thoughts of the outdoors in warmer times, brightening up your interiors and providing a refuge from the cold.

We love our Arabella Armchair in dusty green for this notion – a piece that suits those who still want their furniture to remain fairly neutral, thanks to the muted fabric combined with the  black chair legs.
The Stockholm Footrest in dusty green also makes a great accompaniment to this armchair. It allows you to comfortably curl up or stretch out with a good book and a hot cup of tea – and if you ask us, that's the perfect way to relax and warm up after coming home in the cold.

If you prefer more lively tones for your furniture, then our Arabella Armchair in mustard fits the bill. Brighter colours fill you with positive, warm feelings, making them the perfect opposition to the freezing temperatures and dullness outside.


For those who don’t wish to go this route for their armchairs, adding pops of green and other warming, vibrant colours around the home is a simple way to achieve a similar feel. Artificial plants are fantastic accessories for this, however, you can also add in real greenery for that touch of nature, if you have a bit of a green thumb. Our Birdie, Sawyer and Digby pots come in gorgeous sage tones and are the ultimate sidekick for house plants.
Cushions such as our Luxury Velvet in olive, or our Jungle Blanket Stitch in green can also be added to armchairs and beds as a subtle accessory. Make a big impact on the cosiness of your home, without going overboard.

Dark dining, coffee, console and side tables

Dark colours don’t always mean gloomy or dreary; in some cases, they amp up the cosiness in winter when you have darker furniture in your home already. Dress up dark neutrals in summer to suit the brighter environment outside, or enjoy the rich feel of their tones during winter when you have the fireplace in full-swing. Flexibility with your interior decorating allows you to switch your decor between seasons with ease – and that’s always a win-win.
Our Aksel range is perfect for those who don’t wish to go completely black with their furniture but still want darker pieces for winter. The dark grey Aksel Coffee and Side Table Set suit the warmer tones of winter, as well as brighter summer tones.


Other pieces that you could use to heat up your home include our Georg or Karl Console Tables in Black; the black Copenhagen or dark grey Viktor Coffee Tables; and the grey Magnus and black Oslo Dining Tables.

If you prefer your larger pieces to be in lighter colours, choosing darker rugs, throws, cushions and other accessories will still have a similar effect on improving the warmth of your home.
Lamps instead of overhead lights
Combat the gloominess outside with gorgeous lighting throughout your own space. Lamps warm up any room and make the mood much cosier, creating the perfect environment to return to on a cold winter evening.
Adding warmer coloured light bulbs to your lamps means you can quickly create a comfy atmosphere, without the need for harsh overhead lights. Multiple lamps give off ambient light that makes the whole room feel snug, so that you can decompress from work and warm-up much faster.
They’re also the perfect fit for summertime as well; simply choose a vibrantly or lighter coloured lamp to carry your decor through every season, and you’re good to go. Our range of table and floor lamps have something for every taste, and the different styles can be combined to create your desired aesthetic.
If you’re looking for inspiration though, our favourite top picks for winter are the black and gold Carter Floor Lamp, the Carter Table Lamp in dark green, and the Pacey Table Lamp in charcoal. Perfect!

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