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When an icy wind is blowing outside there’s nothing nicer than curling up on the sofa and lazing away a winter’s day or evening. But how do you choose the right sofa?


This will depend a lot on what your favourite winter couch-time activities look like. Perhaps it’s just you at home and you’re planning to cosy up and watch Netflix, or maybe it’s you, your family and pets and you need space for all seven of you to sit and chat around cups of hot chokkie with marshmallows.


Whatever your winter lounge room plans, here’s some things you’ll want to think about to make sure your sofa is offering you maximum comfort and snuggle factor.


Sofa design


Some couches are designed for elegance and sophistication but comfort is somehow lost in the end result. Your couch might look great but are you going to use it as base camp throughout a cold winter? No, for that purpose you need to think about finding a couch design that screams comfort.


We’re talking pitched sofa backs so you can lean back (as opposed to straight sofa backs which make you look like you’re waiting for an interview). You also want to choose a sofa which has the correct back height for your comfort (obviously this will vary depending on how tall you are) and the correct seat depth (so that your legs form a 90 degree angle and your feet comfortably touch the floor). We think it’s pretty hard to go past sofas with soft wide armrests too.



Sofa materials


Whether you’re inviting friends around for a hearty winter gaming night or relaxing with a glass of mulled wine and a loved one, you want to make sure your couch is made of the right stuff.


Choice of material is extremely important. If you’re not convinced, ask yourself if you’ve ever managed to get comfy on a sofa covered in say scratchy burlap? We thought not. There’s no way you can spend the winter snuggling into a scratchy unpleasant material. So what kind of material should you opt for?


That’s going to depend on your budget and taste of course. If your price range extends to it, wool & cotton blend makes an ideal material for winter couch time. Not only is it super comfortable but it's also very warm.


When thinking about fabric, it’s hard to go past materials like microfiber (which has a really soft feel) velvet (or velvet polyester blends). If you’re planning to spend the bulk of your winter hours glued to the sofa you’ll want to consider polyester blends which are very durable.


Get your sofa winter ready


Maybe you haven’t budgeted for a new sofa this winter but that doesn’t mean you should be left out in the cold. There are some simple inexpensive tricks you can employ to ‘cosy up’ your sofa so it’s ready for lots of cold-weather laying-about. Firstly think about acquiring some super soft pillows. Scatter a bunch of these about your sofa and comfort is yours! Alternatively, if your sofa fabric is perhaps a bit scratchy opt for a simple throw blanket made of microfiber or plush cotton. Really want to get into the mood? Install soft lighting options like standing lamps (or even a candelabra) then sit back, relax and breeze through winter.




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