Living Room Furniture

Buy Modern Scandinavian Living Room Furniture – Available Online 

It’s been decades since the rise of Nordic-inspired trends hit the interiors industry, but the boom is still only beginning. Across business and residential spaces, these Scandinavian  touches are inspiring designers and architects alike, breathing new life into organic looks. 

Adding to these consumer interests is our popular range of new living room furniture, complete with everything you’d expect from this crowd-favourite trend. 

Incorporating a sleek, organic appeal and a minimalistic edge, our designs are nod towards Nordic concepts.


Affordable Scandinavian living room furniture 

Located across Melbourne and Sydney, we deliver across Australia to bring home and business owners a long list of elegant pieces. Keeping in line with everything these Scandinavian inspirations have to offer, we’ve got an extensive collection to keep you spoiled for choice.


Choosing the right pieces for your space 

As a focal point for your home, your living room usually acts as the ‘welcoming’ area for guests, and the place where you go to relax with friends or family. It’s a centrepiece and deserves to be filled with pieces that only amplify this. However, we believe spaces should be given enough room to breathe, so our Scandinavian living room furniture is designed to give you that minimalistic, clean-edged look, without cluttering up the area. 

Best of all, we’ve worked across the industry for a number of years, meaning our experts are always on hand to provide you with helpful, transparent advice when you need it most. If you’re not sure what design suits your brief best, we can help you fulfil all aspects and tick all boxes.


Why buy Scandinavian? 

  • An endless, timeless look that never goes out of fashion
  • Mixes functionality with comfort
  • Clean lines ensure your space doesn’t look cluttered
  • Natural tones bring fresh, inspiring hues to your room
  • Plenty of textures and styles to choose form. 


Ready to choose your pick from the bunch? 

The team at Nordik are always more than happy to navigate you through the process of picking out the best furniture for your needs. Either head into our showrooms or get in touch for a no-obligation discussion around your vision.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, our showroom is closed until further notice. There may be a slight delay with delivery for all orders.
We sincerely apologise and thank you for your patience.
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