Monochrome Style Furniture

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If you’re thinking about freshening up your space or change your look completely, monochrome furniture is one of those looks that never loses its appeal. Likely to stick around for the long-run, it’s the perfect way to recreate a modern look, with clean lines, bold tones and a stylish aesthetic.


What is monochrome furniture? 

The beauty of this trend is that it’s more than just about the use of black and white tones. It also encourages ombre colour palettes and uses a variety of tones to create a more cohesive touch. If you’re not exactly a fan of just black and white, then there’s also plenty of options featuring deep blue shades.


How to choose the right palette for your space 

While it may seem simple to pick our a piece from our monochromatic furniture range, there are still a few key details to think about. Firstly, you’ll need to pick out your favourite base colour. This will be your focal point so consider what kind of appliances and decor will be accompanying your design. 

Next, start looking at extra tones and things that will complement the shade. If you’re going for an ombre scheme, you’ll need more subtle undertones, rather than something big and bold.


Using textures and patterns 

Remember that while keeping it ‘minimalistic’ is the key point to this line of furniture, it’s also important to make sure you’re not creating a look that’s falling on the ‘flat’ side. An all-white layout can sometimes lack personality, while all-blue spaces might seem a bit too same-same. Add plenty of patterns and textures into your surroundings to make sure everything pops (in all the right ways). 

If you’re not sure where to start, the Nordik team are always more than happy to help you pick out the perfect piece. We’re available across Melbourne, Sydney and wider Australia – with shipping on hand to send your order directly to your door. Call us now on 1800 667 345 to get started or to have any questions answered.

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