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A home interior is something so personal and important to our daily way of life that it should never be under-valued. Quality furniture is more than just something to show off to your visitors- it is central to that Zen feeling we all desire in our homes.

Few trends have proven as timeless and adaptable as Scandinavian style interior design. Bold material choices used to create effortlessly stylish and elegant pieces are a staple feature of this aesthetic. We specialise in helping you introduce this level of luxury into your space- particularly through our expertly crafted table designs.

Tables are an integral part of daily living. Family dinners, coffee catch-ups, game nights with friends, and those last few minutes before you switch off the lights are all fleeting yet invaluable moments- and they all feature a table in the middle. 


Our creations

From concrete coffee tables to a bespoke concrete slab dining table - our talented and dedicated artisans can do it all. We believe in quality products with durable finishes, which is what you can expect from any of our products.

Here are some of our best selling best concrete dining tables from the range:



Scandinavian sophistication

Elegant, chic, and all the rage: Concrete is here to stay. Combining minimalist lines and practical shapes with rich, natural materials creates a clean slate that shines on its own. Dress is up or leave it bare- it doesn’t matter.

A perfect example is our Bergen dining table. Warm Scandi concrete with steel legs worked into a simple shape can stand alone as a conversation piece in your home. You don’t need anything else to make this table the talking point for every guest lucky enough to sit at it. 


Contemporary Concrete 

Our forte is in modern and stylish concrete furniture. Although this material is more commonly associated with the industrial design aesthetic, we believe (with the right touch) it translates seamlessly into the luxurious Scandi feeling we are all about. 

The beauty of concrete is its versatility. No matter what purpose you need your table to serve, concrete can adapt to the situation. A modern console table can be poured into any shape or thickness and combined with any number of frames or sets. A solid polished-concrete dining table is not only a thing of beauty, but it is also built to withstand years of use and abuse. 

Furniture is to be lived with- not just looked at. Concrete (when treated and finished to the quality our team can achieve) is naturally stunning and inherently robust. Easy to clean and a statement piece to boast- what’s not to love?

Here are some of our best selling best concrete coffee tables from the range:



Playing with colour

We appreciate the importance of letting your personality shine through in your interior décor. Because of this, our luxury line of tables has something to suit everyone. We stock a versatile range of concrete side tables, designed to work well with any space. We also offer classic timber options to warm up any bedroom in your home. Concrete adds instant edge, and a black bedside table makes a statement that you are not afraid to be different.

If you are unsure what style is right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out. We have spent years procuring the perfect pieces for our customers and understand the importance of selecting furniture for your home, and we know how important these decisions are. 




How do I clean my concrete coffee tables?

Concrete is easy to care for if you wipe all spills immediately. A simple soap and water solution applied to any sticky or messy area is usually enough. There is no need to pressure wash or bleach the surface- just some light maintenance every now and again.


What kind of tables do you sell?

Our luxury furniture range covers any type of table you could need. We stock some classic designs and offer a more bespoke service if you need something specific. Concrete furniture is our specialty, but we do have models in other materials. Here's a list of all the concrete tables we sell.


Is a concrete table likely to chip?

When we build a concrete table of any kind, we reinforce and seal the surfaces to avoid this type of damage. Because of this attention to detail, a well-cared-for concrete table top could last for decades. Of course, chips may occur over time due to damages or mishandling, but we pride ourselves on creating products which are built to withstand daily use. If you suspect a weak area or are concerned about a chipped concrete surface, contact our team.



In our eyes, luxury is all about choice. We believe our customers should be able to choose from a range of high-quality, beautiful furniture in a variety of styles and materials. We pride ourselves on creating products which are unique and rare. Nordik Living's pieces are carefully selected and it is rare that you will find our pieces elsewhere.

Scandinavian furniture design is a tried and tested winner, and concrete is the next trend. Durable, robust, sophisticated and, edgy- our uniquely opulent line of tables can be the narrative of your interior design.

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