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The current strong appeal of velvet in the field of contemporary interior design is nothing new. Velvet is widely used in fashion and interiors, and has long been a reference fabric for creating an elegant style. But it seems a bit scary. Velvet can appear high maintenance at first as the characteristics on the fabric are more prominent than other fabrics however, it is very simple to maintain. Read on to learn what makes it one of Nordik Living’s favorite fabrics.


Velvet is surprisingly versatile

At Nordik, we have a wide array of colours across our range of cushions and soft seating - whilst velvet furniture looks best styled with velvet cushions, you can also mix it up and style velvet with contrasting polyesters for a more versatile feel. Here are some of our best selling best velvet cushions from the range:


Velvet is designed to last

It is a common misconception that velvet chairs and velvet sofas require a lot of maintenance. In fact, the fabric is not so delicate, and if properly maintained, it can last for decades. Even in a family room with frequent activities, the velvet part is a functional choice and will hold up beautifully to years of wear.

You will notice that when you sit on a piece of velvet, the fluff will usually ruffle up. If you don’t like these marks, don’t worry. Over time, the fluff will return to its natural state, or you can simply brush it lightly to smooth it. Some of the heavier marks will become permanent, but they can be regarded as a patina that can give your furniture pieces unique characteristics. Like most upholstered furniture, velvet will age with use but this should be appreciated as it gives each piece its own personality— especially a colour that reigned at this summer. Presenting you, Nordik's green velvet sofa range:



Nordik Living velvet furniture collection

Velvet furniture is and has been in high demand - this trend has repeated itself every season. The soft feel, rich colours and adaptability of the fabric feeds our desire for beauty and comfort. Decorating modern sofas with velvet can soften the entire room. Velvet is the perfect fabric for a strong texture. Velvet is increasingly used in commercial and residential interior design, giving us the opportunity to enjoy the texture inside and outside the home. This year, mainly in a series of the most gorgeous shades, velvet is back in fashion among the increasingly popular millennial velvet von bench, adding a touch of luxury to the simplest spaces. We’ve also added velvet armchairs this time for people to enjoy the luxury of fabric on a piece of furniture which doesn’t occupy a lot of space. Here are our latest velvet armchairs:


How to clean & maintain velvet

The easiest way to maintain velvet is to include it in your regular cleaning routine. This is the only thing you need to know! When vacuuming your velvet furniture, be sure to use the slim nozzle-attachment to remove any dust on top and in between the cushions and crevices. Lint rollers with disposable strips are also a quick fix to remove tiny amounts of fluff if you can’t be bothered with a quick vacuum. When it comes to stains or spills, be sure to blot the spill with a clean dry microfiber cloth and don’t rub the stain into the fabric. We are obsessed with Bissell’s Spot clean which does a fabulous job removing wine spills and the like. It’s best to consult one of our team members if you are unsure on how to treat a spill/stain. When it comes to spilling, velvet is usually treated with stain repellents, so you should be able to gently wipe the liquid with a wet towel. Once the stain dries, it can become a bit tricky because velvet can be made with many types of yarn, and it is best to consult Nordik Living or your manufacturer to determine the best way to proceed.

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