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Our very own Creative Director, Trinh offers some Spring styling tips over at Suzanne's gorgeous blog at My Fabulous Design. Have a read below!


As we are heading into the warmer months here in Australia, I'm all about home styling for the spring and summer seasons. With scandi style still being a major interior inspo on this side of the hemisphere, I had a chat with Interior styling specialist, and director of Melbourne-based Nordik Living, Trinh Nguyen about the upcoming Spring trends to share with my readers. See our conversation below!

How would you describe your style?

Predominantly minimalist with a touch of colour to accentuate and enhance existing pieces. Nordic and Scandinavian living is all about neutral and monochrome tones. When styling and selecting colours, I like to add pieces which will complement the monochrome style without drawing attention away from the key piece. Accessories and complements should not be overwhelming instead, they should add character to selected pieces.
Additionally, the grey colour palette and the urban feel are a huge influence on the industry these days. Creating a natural feel and the benefit of blending in with other accents and features, there’s plenty of ways you can bring an outdated room to the forefront using these designs.
Simutaneously, concrete is a subtle, yet sophisticated, material, and successfully adds texture to a room that’s lacking a bit of ‘oomph.’  In terms of appearance, concrete can also create a focal point in a space and emphasise elements that central to the overall look.


Where do you look to for your inspiration?

Styling and interior blogs/Instagram feeds from Denmark, Sweden and Norway. We often seek feedback and advice from stylists based in Scandinavia as the true roots to Nordic styling often lie there. It’s great to obtain an opinion from someone who has lived or currently lives in those regions as they have an in-depth understanding of the Scandinavian culture, styling and lifestyle.

What is your next must-have purchase for your home?

It would definitely have to be a feature/occasional armchair. There is always an empty void or space in every home which needs to be filled. Many customers tell me “I have an empty corner spot and I don’t know what to put there”. An armchair with a complementing throw, rug and cushion is the perfect answer as it’s welcoming, practical and adds an instant homely/cozy vibe to any space. I love neutral greys in light and dark tones as they complement easily with most accessories and throws. Grey is also a practical selection, especially if you plan on moving the chair to another room in the house!

What living room furniture are you loving this spring for small, medium, and large size spaces?

Small - Would have to be our side tables and low stools which can double up as bedside tables. They are no wider than 50cm in diameter and absolutely perfect for those small apartment spaces without overwhelming the space.
Medium - Armchairs, in place of sofas and chaise lounges. When limited for space, substituting a sofa for two armchairs is the perfect alternative as it adds dimension and grace to your space without the bulkiness. It’s also great for guests who prefer to sit individually as opposed to sitting next to each other on a sofa!

Do you have your eye on any spring 2018 trends for sideboards, coffee tables and other feature pieces?

When it comes to staple pieces such as sideboards, dining and coffee tables, we’re seeing the same consistent trends where customers love simple, organic and neutral designs. For sideboards, the classic Scandinavian look with tapered legs with both cupboard and drawer storage is our most popular. This design is practical and timeless. Some are afraid to experiment with concrete tables however, I’d definitely recommend giving this a go as our concrete dining and coffee table range works well when styled right - they’ve been high demand for us this year. This Spring is very much similar to last year’s in terms of colour palettes. We’re loving the dusty green, sage, olive and anything green really! Dusty blues are also great at the moment if you’re after a casual coastal vibe.

I would love to hear your thoughts on classic pieces that transition well in your home through every season!

I think this is by far the most important consideration when I help customers with colour selections and upholstery. My advice would be to select a sofa in a medium to dark grey which can be complemented and styled with light coloured cushions and throws. Try to avoid super light fabrics if you’re not keen on maintenance as they tend to stain more easily. Don’t be afraid to opt for a dark sofa as you can always dress it up with vibrant accessories. I tend to opt for grey, white and sand coloured cushions and throws in the cooler months. In the warmer months, I like to brighten up the space and often replace most of the existing cushions with a new colour palette such as sage on grey and white. Dusty blue, beige and off white is also a favourite combination of mine.


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