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Winter in Scandinavia, particularly the northern parts, can get very cold, very wet and very dark. It’s partly because of this that modern Scandinavian designers have come up with so many brilliant ideas to make home interiors cosy, comforting and beautiful – a sanctuary no matter the weather outside.

While every culture offers up its share of unique and transformative ideas, Scandinavian designers, with their focus on functional minimalism, quality design, natural materials and soft, snugly fibres, have produced winner after winner in the furnishing and interior decorating department.

The reasons for this are multi-faceted; but we’ll do our best to explore a few of them below:

Stripy couches, tie dye dressers, faux leopard print rugs, we’re thankful some trends pass (and pray they don’t come back!) However, modern Scandinavian furniture appears immune to this sort of dating. Indeed Scandinavian designed pieces are frequently praised for their timeless qualities. This is at least in part because Scandinavian design is all about functionality. Scandi design has a pared back elegant beauty; it’s the polar opposite of over-the-top 70s wallpaper. The focus on authentic, natural materials and quality design means when you buy Scandinavian you don’t feel pressured to update your home every ten years to stay on trend.

Calming qualities
Modern life is busy, busy, busy. When you walk into your home, you want to feel you’ve entered a calm, reassuring space, a cocoon where life slows down a little. An interior which incorporates Scandinavian furnishings will help you feel just this. Scandi design favours a minimalist colour palette and simple clean lines. The overall effect is restful but not dull. While some people view Scandi design as ultra-minimalist and almost mono-chromatic, this is not strictly true, it also features splashes of bright colour (fancy a signature dandelion yellow armchair or a bold, patterned print?) meaning your room has vibrancy but won’t make you dizzy!

Scandinavian countries are characterized by small populations and lots of land; the love affair inhabitants have with the great outdoors is well documented. Did you know many Scandinavian companies are even known to actively encourage their staff to get outside and embrace the natural world during work hours?! So it’s not surprising that nature features heavily in Scandinavian design. For the most part, timber is left unpainted, as natural as possible and, plant or animal fibres like linen and wool are favoured. Not only does Scandi design pay homage to the natural environment, it can also be considered a more environmentally friendly option. The Scandi design emphasis is on making functional and timeless pieces that last rather than on cheap replaceable products which will only go to landfill after a few years.

In the age of Marie Kondo a lot of us are embracing minimalism, we’re de-cluttering, downsizing and simplifying. Scandinavian design furniture is a perfect ideological fit with a less materialistically-focussed lifestyle. Scandi design has a pared back aesthetic that is often described as minimalist and it features many furnishings designed to serve more than one function (this is partly a response to the fact that housing in Scandinavia has generally been expensive and therefore on the small size so a multi-purpose item represented a space saver). Modern Scandi design continues to embrace this multi-functionalism and will complement your efforts to simplify your life.

It’s important to remember that Scandi design encompasses the work of many different designers with differing aesthetics. While the above features of Scandi design are all broadly true, we suggest you take a look yourself at what Scandi design offers. It may surprise you!


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