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Here at Nordik Living - We strive every day to encapsulate the simple, elegant, bold and raw beauty of Nordic and Scandinavian design – The Ariane Unit does just that!

The Ariane unit pays tribute to the understated beauty of the Nordic and Scandinavian design philosophies. Every piece we share with Australia is imbued with our love of delivering the most coveted and high quality northern furniture design concepts at prices that are no longer overwhelming. And the Ariane is no exception.


With its sleek aesthetics and attention to detail that is only possible with the strictest adherence to design philosophy, this solid American oak masterpiece is nothing if not beautiful.  The craftsmanship of this limited edition piece is truly spectacular, and the Ariane's bold bravado is sure to withstand the test of any fleeting style trend.

Behind its sophisticated appearance, comes a design story. The Ariane was designed and named after the Founder and Director of the Haus of Cruze.

The endlessly creatively-curious Az De La Cruz created Haus of Cruze, a boutique Melbourne creative design studio, in 2016. Haus of Cruze creates and photographs beautiful yet practical and affordable interior design spaces in the residential, rental, retail and commercial sectors.

When Az and his partner Jamie needed a beautiful and bespoke entertainment unit for their new home built with Boutique Homes in Tarneit, a Melbourne suburb, they wanted something exclusive, spectacular and Melbourne-designed. This was when Az reached out to Nordik Living with his design collaboration proposal and we were thrilled to take it on board.

His brief: He wanted that beautiful and natural hue and authenticity of real, solid American oak. The crisp, modern and bold white that stands out as fresh as any new modern trend comes and goes over time. The beautifully styled and symmetrical rectangle drawers with precision soft close and soft-push fixtures and cabinetry. And the perfect combination of practicality, style, adaptability and longevity.


And that's where it all began. Nordik Living's standout reputation for bringing the understated but often unattainable elegance of Nordic and Scandinavian design to Melbourne and Australia means we can deliver the spectacular Ariane not only to Az and Haus of Cruze, but to an Aussie lounge room near you!

We truly believe the Ariane encapsulates perfectly our passion for the simple yet elegant; minimal yet timeless; functional yet beautiful; affordable yet exceptional. We are proud to offer the stunning Ariane entertainment unit to you today. We know you'll love it as much as we do.

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