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Have you got an awkward space that needs defining? An urgent need for stylish storage? Perhaps you want to balance out an open living area but not quite sure how to?

The solution you’re after, but can’t quite define – that could well be a sideboard! Sideboards have been around since the 1700’s in various guises, but their stylish, practical nature means they remain an incredibly desirable item of furniture, and a must-have for every home.
Let’s explore why.

What exactly is a sideboard?

Some of you will know the sideboard as a ‘buffet’ or ‘credenza’ and you might be wondering if there’s actually any difference. If you want to be pedantic there are some subtle differences but essentially the definition comes down to leg length: sideboards have short legs, buffets longer legs and credenzas (traditionally) have no legs at all.  All three items of furniture strongly resemble each other in every other way, being long and narrow arrangements of cupboards and drawers.

Sideboards are built low to the ground and almost always made of wood (although we have noticed versions in recent years made with plastic or metal) Some sideboards have cupboard doors (made of wood or glass generally), others are open plan. A sideboard has a dual purpose: firstly it’s about storage –it’s the perfect place to store plates and other flat table-top items. Secondly the sideboard offers a great serving platform – say you’re having a big dinner party and need extra space for salads etc – the sideboard is your essential.


Sideboards can do more than helping out in the dining room

While the sideboard has traditionally been placed in the kitchen or dining room, it’s actually an incredible multi-tasker. Here are a couple of extra ways your sideboard can help you out:  

  • If you have an open-plan space, a long narrow sideboard is the perfect item to distinguish one area from another. Pop it behind the couch to separate your kitchen from your lounge room. If you get tired of that arrangement, you can even use the sideboard as your TV cabinet!
  • Got an awkward space you can’t quite figure out how to design? Sideboards might do the job for you. Their narrow depth means they are perfectly suited to hallways, small studies and those hard-to-fill spots under the stairs.
  • If you have a lop-sided room, with say a big painting on one wall that needs balancing out, or a large dining room table that’s craving company, sideboards are great for balancing out space and creating evenly poised interior design.

How to choose the best sideboard

Sideboards these days come in a cocktail of styles and designs, but as with most things it’s hard to go past quality. For longevity we recommend you opt for a sideboard made from a hardwood (like oak, ash, mahogany or beech). You can of course find cheaper sideboards in soft woods (like pine or cedar) but obviously they will mark, dent and wear much faster than a durable hardwood piece. We also suggest you select a sideboard design that can effortlessly pair with different pieces of furniture.

Many sideboards are now statement pieces, which is great, but it means they can be hard to mix and match with different room configurations and furniture set-ups. Simple, elegant designs will serve you well when it comes to moving house or renovating, as your sideboard can then match its new furniture friends and space. Simplicity of design also means your sideboard is likely to remain on trend much longer. This isn’t a piece you should be replacing yearly. It should be timeless and complement effortlessly.


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