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For most people, their TV is the focal point of their living room furniture and the central source of relaxation and entertainment after a hectic day’s work. Hence, it deserves much more attention than we normally give it. Besides the furniture and other things, this entertainment unit should be granted equal design aesthetics.

However, aesthetics and style shouldn’t be your only concern for your TV entertainment unit. It needs to be practical. In other words, you should also take the time to define the space, make sure that it’s functional, and most importantly, see whether it offers an outstanding storage solution. Here are some tips on choosing a good looking yet practical TV entertainment unit:

Consider the Room Size

Before you even begin your search for the right entertainment unit, you should do some homework. This involves taking the relevant measurements of your room and translating your findings on paper. The size of your TV unit should sync with the rest of the room.

For instance, for those with a larger living room, a trending option is an overall storage system that attaches along the wall behind the unit. These are typically custom made, but there are many products available on the market of this type. This can be an ideal option if you have children at home as the TV can be positioned high enough to be out of their reach. In addition, this unit is normally heavier and sturdier.

On the other hand, a streamlined, low profile TV unit is more suitable if you have a smaller living room.

Storage Space

You might prefer having a TV unit with several shelves and drawers, or you might just be looking for a sleek, stylish shelf ¬– it all depends on your personal style preferences and the overall look of your room. The type of TV unit you select will also depend on your storage preferences.

Large storage systems offer additional storage and shelving space. They also offer tremendous flexibility in managing the unit based on the available space.

Smaller TV units come with sleek modern inbuilt shelves like the Scandinavian Style TV units.


Among the important questions to ask regarding functionality is whether the TV unit fulfils all your entertainment needs. One of the most critical features, for instance, can be whether it can be connected to your home’s Wi-Fi. A smart TV is what you’re looking for if you’re addicted to Netflix.

Style and Aesthetics

An entertainment unit is a crucial purchase that will stay in your home for a long time. Besides considering the price, you need to be very particular about the design and style you want for your TV unit.

Again, you need to first look into the style of your living room and your overall home. For instance, a sleek modern TV unit might look awkward in the middle of old fashioned furnishings. So you might want to make changes to the finishes and furnishings in your room to match the unit designs.

In terms of the entertainment unit itself, you need to ask yourself whether you need a unit that’s attached to the wall or a free-standing one. Similarly, look for colour options that match the style of your living room.

Closing Thoughts

Buying a TV unit should never be an impulse purchase. The aesthetics and style can make the unit more than a TV for your room, but owning a practical TV entertainment unit takes your home theatre dream to a whole new level. Aspects such as functionality, storage features, and compatibility with your living room are equally important.

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