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Your new sofa may offer unmatched durability, safety, and comfort, but without regular maintenance, you won’t get the best value for money from it. If you’ve invested in a new sofa, you should know how to look after the furniture to make sure that it stands the test of time.

Here are some sofa maintenance tips based on the different materials used in a sofa.

Fabric Care
Clean the surface dust every week using a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner. In case of spillage or other accidents, you should opt for cleaning instead of taking the DIY cleaning route. 

Non-removable sofa covers, in particular, should not be dry-cleaned or washed. In normal circumstances, it is recommended that you get the non-removable covers fully cleaned by a professional cleaning company once a year who specialise in steam cleaning upholstery. You can dry-clean or wash removable covers by carefully following the instructions given in the sofa manual. However, professional cleaning will still prove better.

Leather Care
Leather sofas are a tremendous investment, especially because they are stain-resistant and capable of withstanding a lot of wear and tear. If, however, you want your leather sofa to retain its luxury and comfort, regular maintenance is necessary.

To protect your leather sofa from fading, prevent any prolonged exposure to heat and bright lights. Do your best to avoid any spillages. If, however, a spillage does occur, use a damp cloth to immediately wipe it off, and then use a dry, soft cloth for the same purpose. Solvent-based cleaners can damage your leather sofa, so don’t use them.

Besides, any scuffs or cuts can prove impossible to fix. Thus, keep sharp objects away from your leather sofa. If any crevices or cracks exist, vacuum gently on those areas to prevent any tear.

Velvet Care
The best thing about a velvet sofa is its pile which alters the looks of your sofa as you move it around. You need not worry if the velvet appears to be crushed. It’s part of velvet’s antiquing process and does not affect the sofa’s durability. To fluff the pile back up, gently brush the velvet surface in the direction of the pile. Don’t forget to vacuum clean the velvet sofa once a week and regularly turn the cushions.

In the case of spillages, use a dry cloth to quickly soak up the spilled liquid to prevent it from causing any non-removable marks. Avoid exerting pressure or rubbing the area. This will only make the stain deeper. When most of the spillage is soaked up, dry out the surface using a hairdryer. Maintain some distance as
you apply the hairdryer.

Key Takeaways
To make the most out of your new sofa, you must take sufficient care of it. Spillages, excessive heat, treatment by pets, and other issues can damage your new sofa. Hence, it becomes dirty and prone to stains and easily loses its aesthetics as well as comfort value. Follow the above-discussed sofa maintenance tips to properly look after your sofa.

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