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Solid Oak and Veneer Oak are both commonly used to make furniture such as beds, chairs, and tables. If you are redesigning your home or even just your bedroom, it can be useful to consider the main differences between the two.

Here are the main differences between veneer and solid oak furniture.

Veneer vs. Solid Oak

Solid oak refers to the pure wood that comes from the oak tree. For centuries, oak has been used to create all sorts of furniture because of its good quality, great finish, and durability.

However, in recent times, veneer oak is being increasingly used in the furniture industry. Veneer oak refers to a decorative, thin wood piece, usually 5 millimetres in density, that is often used as an alternative to solid oak.

Veneer has become popular very quickly because it often gives a similar finish as solid oak but at a much lower cost. One quick at way to know if the furntirue is veneer os solid oak it to quickly is to knock or tap the furniture like a watermelon. Solid oak will not echo and produces a short thud when it's knocked but veneer and MDF particle boards echoes and you can hear that it is hollow after you knock on it. So which one is better for you? We will explore this below!

Which is Better?

Solid Oak

Both solid oak and veneer oak are appropriate for their own unique situations. Typically, doors are made of solid oak. This is for a number of reasons.

  • There is absolutely no replacement for the type of finish you can get from solid oak. Pure wood is, after all, always going to be superior to a synthetic alternative.
  • Solid oak also looks aesthetically pleasing and elegant. So if you are going for a sophisticated look for your house, always opt for solid oak.
  • Solid oak is also far easy to repair as compared to veneer. This is why if you are thinking of making a wooden door, it’s probably best to go for solid oak. Any scratches can easily be repaired.
  • Repairing scratches isn’t all that simple in furniture made from veneer.


  • Veneer is considerably less expensive and provides a decent finish. So if you’re working with a low budget, there is no reason not to opt for a veneer door.
  • Veneer can also be far more detailed than wood. You can customize veneer to make designs of your liking, far more than you can with solid wood.

That being said, it isn’t necessarily the case that solid oak will be of superior quality to veneer. It depends on how the wood is extracted, assembled, and crafted.

Similarly, sometimes, veneer may be of higher quality and sometimes of lower quality, depending on its manufacturing.

Before purchasing any furniture, it can be useful to carefully focus on the quality of wood or veneer that the furniture is made from.

Before deciding on whether to opt for veneer or solid oak furniture, do remember to keep in mind that solid oak often ends up being far more energy-efficient than veneer. This is because solid oak is far less vulnerable to the cold and even to moisture, as compared to veneer.

It also, of course, depends on what sort of furniture you wish to purchase or manufacture. For a dining table or chair, you may have to think about how veneer can give a more personalized finish, while for a door, it shouldn’t matter all that much.

These were the main differences between veneer and solid oak furniture. Remember to keep these things in mind to make an informed decision!

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