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It can be disappointing to decide to sit outside on the patio and enjoy your evening cup of coffee only to later discover that the patio chair was full of dust and has ruined your crisp white pants!

While cleaning and maintaining outdoor furniture is no easy feat, these tips and tricks can make it so much easier!

Invest In a Water Proof Cover When Not In Use

A good place to start caring for your outdoor furniture is by investing in a waterproof silicone cover for your furniture. Be it a table, a sofa set, chairs, or any other piece of furniture, a silicone cover helps protect the furniture from the elements.

Too much wind and rain can be harmful for your furniture, ruining its polish and weakening its foundation. Even excess sunlight does your furniture no favours. It can lead to bleaching of your furniture, again ruining its polish.

Clean Regularly

While a waterproof cover is the way to begin, you need to focus next on making sure that your furniture stays clean. It is very important that you clean your furniture at least three to four times a year, if not more. The process of cleaning the furniture isn’t all that difficult.

We recommend lightly dusting off any residue left on the table with a duster first, then using a cloth that is slightly damp or completely dry to wipe along the surface of the furniture. Always wipe with the pattern of the grain and not against it.

The reason for dusting off the residue first before wiping is to avoid any possible scratches and marks which can be caused by sharp, natural particles that may have landed on the surfaces from the wind. Without dusting the residue off first, the residue will drag against the table from the pressure of the cloth, this might possibly cause scratches. This also allows you to get rid of all debris or dust that has accumulated on the furniture before wiping it clean.

For concrete or timber pieces, it's best to use warm water only, not a cleaning product with chemicals as it would be too harsh on the surfaces. Make sure that your furniture dries out completely before you once again cover it with the waterproof cover.

Different Kinds of Furniture Require Different Cleaning Methods

Wooden furniture perhaps requires the greatest amount of care. With wooden furniture, you mostly just need to clean it with warm water and a cloth.

With solid wood pieces that have marks, stains or scratches, you can lightly sand down the surface and go over it with a bit of orange oil. It works as a polish and will bring the wood back to life in colour.

Any timber table with a rustic, raw finish, and indented grains, we recommend using a brush with thin bristles to brush out the residue stuck in the grains.

Outdoor furniture that perhaps requires the least amount of maintenance is concrete furniture. With concrete furniture, you don’t have to worry about the polish getting ruined. All you have to do is make sure that you keep the surface clean and wipe off any excess water from the weather. Usually, warm water and a piece of cloth will do the trick.

These were some tips that can help you look after your outdoor furniture. So the next time you decide to have a garden party, don’t shy away from the outdoor area – show off your outdoor furniture!
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